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10 Great Travel Hacks

It doesn’t matter if you are going on a short trip or long trip, you want to make it a smooth journey to your destination.  There are many great travel tips and hacks out there to contribute to making that happen.  Here are ten that we find are perfect for any trip.

340279_3_11. Mark your bag as fragile
We have all been there.  Our luggage is nice and new when we check it for our flight, but when we arrive at our destination and collect our luggage, it looks 20 years older.  Add a little TLC to the rough and tough handling of baggage by having the agent add a fragile sticker to your luggage. Your bag is handled with more ease, and you’ll be happy it still looks good when you arrive.

2. Contact your credit card company before leaving town
If you have ever tried to purchase something and your credit card is declined you know that sinking feeling.  Avoid any confusion by calling your credit card company and make them aware of your travel plans, including each city you will visit.  Your credit card company will be note the change, and you’ll have no problems using your credit card.

3. Use the app IFTT for photos and social media posting
A great social media app all about making your “posting life” much easier.  If This Then That, allows you to make what they call recipes.  One recipe might be to automatically repost what you place on Facebook on Instagram and Twitter with one post.  It’s easy and ensures you have new information on your social media when traveling.  It’s easy to use and set up.  Visit their website – www.iftt.com
4. Use pill/medicine containers to store jewelry
While this is a very good idea for packing and protecting your jewelry, we recommend that you place jewelry along with other important and valuable items in the safe in your room.  It’s better to be safe and not leave jewelry out where others have access to them.  Pack jewelry in your carry-on bag.
5. When two are traveling – book the aisle and window seat
No one likes the middle seat.  Try a little strategy and book the window and aisle seats when traveling with a buddy.  The middle seat will be one of the last to be booked.  And, just in case it is taken, you can always ask the person in the middle to switch to the aisle or window.  We’re pretty sure they will say yes.  And, if no one comes to sit in the middle seat, you have extra room to spread out.

IMG_32346. Wear your heaviest shoes
When flying and checking luggage, it’s all about weight.  Wear your heaviest shoes to ease the possible burden on your wallet.  You have your shoes, and you still have your money too.
7. Take a photo of your parking ticket and lane where you parked
Arriving in the parking lot can be a busy, hurried experience.  Your parking ticket and the parking area slip-of-paper can easily get misplaced.  Take a quick photo with your smart phone, and you’ll have a record of each and no worries when you return if you can put your hand on the actual ticket.
8. Photo and email important travel documents, passwords and address
Misplaced important papers can cause more than a headache.  You can be delayed or denied entry into the country.  If your passport or important documents are lost, a copy makes it much easier to replace them and get you back on the way to having fun.

Comfortable bedroom with Asian furnishings
Comfortable bedroom with Asian furnishings

9. Call your hotel the night before and ask for an upgrade
Each evening hotels take an inventory of available rooms and bookings.  For check-ins later in the evening, you have a better chance of gaining an upgrade.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  And, if you are a member of their loyalty programs, you have a better chance of snagging that corner, spectacular view room.
10. Bring an empty water bottle
A travel recommendation you hear all the time; “Stay hydrated!”  And, it’s true.  You can become very dehydrated when traveling and we can become so busy and rushed we don’t think about drinking water.  And, water isn’t always available.  Take an empty bottle with you through TSA and fill it up on the other side.  You have your water, and you’re not paying an arm and a leg for it.

What travel hacks do you have?  Share a few below.

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