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Destination: Asheville, NC – It’s your new hot spot – July 12, 2014

Our show was a virtual trip to Asheville!

Did you miss the Asheville show? Oh no!  You must click the links below. Asheville is such a cool city and a definite “must go to” kinda town.  And, if you need to hear it all over again so you have all the hot spots on your list… we’ve got you covered.

Click it and listen!

Asheville Overview

      1. 071214 1 Asheville

Asheville Culinary Experience

      2. 071214 2 Asheville

Asheville – Where to Stay

      3. 071214 3 Asheville

Asheville Activities and Relaxation

      4. 0712114 4 Asheville


Destination:  Asheville, NC – It’s your new hot spot – July 12

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Everyone is talking about Asheville, NC so we had to go and check it out! We had a ball, starting with dancing in the park with the drum circle and shopping experience that included so many of our favorite things!

We must confess our main focus was the culinary scene didn’t miss a beat! From Curate to Rhubarb and on to Chai Pani. There were so many yummy dishes that we can assure you Asheville is a culinary hot spot. You must go and you must eat!

All the excitement about this city nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains is true! Our guests will help you get started planning a long weekend get-away or a week long adventure.

landis-taylorLandis Taylor serves as the PR Specialist for the Convention and Vistitors Bureau in Asheville, NC. In her role at the CVB, she works to inspire Asheville travel coverage in national and international media and also to facilitate the details of media site visits. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication.

Landis joined the Marketing & PR Team at the Asheville CVB in November 2013.  Prior to that, she was a member of the communications team at Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC for seven and a half years. e.  She became a certified TMP (Travel Marketing Professional) in 2010 after completing three years of Marketing College through the Southeast Tourism Society.

And, after you have walked the many interesting areas of Asheville, there is a special pace to revive yourself, de-stress and Wake the senses for your next items on your itinerary.

Our guest Melissa Long with Wake The Food Sanctuary will share with you exactly how you can go from tired feet to energized and ready to hit the road again.

Shop Talk -- Wake

Although originally from the windy city of Chicago, Melissa has lived in the south for nearly 11 years. Embracing the simple charms and gestures of Southern culture, she longed to leave her corporate career for a service based business of her own. Embracing strong memories of service from her grandparents she set out to create a oasis of calm, a Foot Sanctuary, for weary travelers and Asheville regulars alike. The Foot Sanctuary is built around the tenet of service to others and a leadership culture where the employees are encouraged to learn new techniques, question status quo, and make every experience more memorable than the last. “We don’t just love your feet, we love the whole person, and that is what we want you to walk away remembering.”


Asheville…. is waiting for you to arrive!


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DSC_9192        DSC_9227        DSC_9207

Join us Saturday,  July 12th for an information packed show!  Saturday at 2pm on North Georgia’s News Talk AM550 and FM 102.9.

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  1. I love visiting Asheville as often as I can. So much to eat, see and do

  2. I love visiting Asheville whenever I can. SO much to eat, see and do

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