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Destination: Lafayette Louisana for Mardi Gras

P1030523When you think of Mardi Gras, you think New Orleans. And, while their Mardi Gras is one to see and experience, on the show we are taking you to a different Mardi Gras. One filled with old traditions, customs and community connections. We’re going to Lafayette and Eunice in St. Landry Parish.


And, we don’t stop with Mardi Gras, because we know when you’re talking about Louisana you’re also talking about food. We explore all the delights and share how you can visit and enjoy them too. From oysters to crawfish to Boudin and of course there is Gumbo in there too. Oh…. we’re talking Mardi Gras, so we don’t leave out the King Cake. It’s good!

Click the links below to hear an amazing show about culture, community, and cuisine.

      1. Lafayette La 1 3-3-18

All about Lafayette

      2. Lafayette La 2 3-3-18

Mardi Gras

      3. Lafayette 3 3-3-18

Culinary delights

      4. Lafayette 4 3-3-18

A conversation with Chef Joe from restaurant Abacus

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