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Destination: Las Cruces, New Mexico – June 10, 2017


I Just Got Back from New Mexico learning about the pueblos, visiting Albuquerque and traveling on to Las Cruces. I found peppers all around the state and city. Chili peppers are a mainstay, and you’ll find them in everything. With chili peppers having such an important role in the cuisine it is not surprising to visit a place all about this yummy ingredient – The Chile Pepper Institute. On the show, I shared my conversation all about chili peppers – from research to tasty sauces!

New Mexico is all about farming and ranching. I visited the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum and learned all about the history and importance of both industries. Both have been part of the fiber of the state, and their influence continues today.  You’ll find longhorn cattle, sheep and ironwork too! Yes, put it on your list of things to do in Las Cruces!


If you missed the show or maybe you want to hear it over again – here it is!

      1. 6-10-17 1 New Mexico 2 1

Las Cruces overview

      2. 6-10-17 2 New Mexico 2

Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

      3. 6-10-17 3 New Mexico 2

Chile Pepper Institute

      4. 6-10-17 4 New Mexico 2

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