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Destination: Travel with a Cause – Aug. 26, 2017

There are many reasons to travel, but you should always have a purpose and a cause.  And, it’s easy. Seek to share a bit of kindness as your make your journey around our amazing world.

21078485_10154993275765749_8895944455519409679_nOn our show – travel with a cause, we talked with Megan Murphy about her Kindness Rocks Project where she spread kindness one rock at a time.  Her story will inspire you and have you finding a way to make a difference in our day-to-day lives.

We also have our Quarter Miles segment and we started the show with a really cool quiz about how your travel – what type traveler are you?

      1. TB 30 - Segment 1 (082617)

The different personalities of travel – which one are you?

      2. TB 30 - Segment 2 (082617)

Megan Murphy – The Kindness Rocks Project

      3. TB 30 - Segment 3 (082617)

Sports Travel  – yes, it can be a thing

      4. TB 30 - Segment 4 (082617)

Quarter Miles – Oregon


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