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Hydrate and Go!



“Stay hydrated, stay hydrated!” That’s not an unfamiliar message; we’ve all heard it many times.  And, it’s true. When you’re on the road drinking water, and staying hydrated becomes very important. Having water available is a little more challenging than when at home.  Bottled water is expensive; you can easily skip it once you’ve had your one bottle and tossed the empty container.  And, now it’s time to spend another couple of dollars for another bottle of expensive water.

If you’re like me, there’s another challenge. I like having water with me when traveling and when flying I must drink quickly, dump the empty plastic bottle in recycling before entering TSA screening and purchase water once I have cleared security.  And, then later, more expensive water.  This had to stop!

I found Hydaway which simplifies staying hydrated. It’s a collapsible water bottle, made of tested food-grade silicone and plastic and it has been 3rd-party certified safe. The Hydaway bottle was created by Nik Singlaub, a product designer who was always on the road, traveling around the world and wanting to stay hydrated.  He created a bottle that is compact, easy to use and carry which collapses to 1 1/4 inches. You can choose from two sizes, 21 oz or kid size; yes, it perfect for them too!

A collapsible silicone bottle perfect for travel and activities while home.


Headway comes in two sizes. Pictured is the 21 oz. bottle. There is also a kid-sized.


While not only perfect for travel, the bottle works at sporting events, concerts, running errands, road trips, hiking and so, so many more ways.  And, the main thing is you can control how much water you’re drinking to ensure you’re getting the recommended amount,  plus more and you control the source of your water too, which is important in so many places around the world.


The watertight seal keeps liquids inside with no leaks, it’s taste and odor free and just pop it in the dishwasher to keep it clean.  What’s really fun about Hydaway?  All the color options – it’s like a rainbow of color choices.  Oh, there’s also the optional carry case which hooks easily to your backpack.  So cool. So you. So perfect for a travel gear gift.


Semi-hardshell case keeps the bottle clean and it attaches to your bag for easy access.


A wide selection of colors.
Easy to carry on your backpack, in a briefcase, carry-on, or purse. It collapses to 1 1/4 inches.










You’ll want to order a couple of these. For the moms and dads in your life and one for you too.  You’re welcome!  You can thank me later.

Or give the combo gift with a bottle and carry case.

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