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Mother’s Day Travel Gear Gifts 2017

It’s that time of the year when we recognize the wonderful mothers in our lives.  Mother’s Day Travel Gear Gifts is the perfect way to make them feel special and show how much we appreciate everything they do.  Travel gear makes the perfect gift for the mom on the road for business or pleasure.  And, most travel gear can be used when you’re home too.  Many items are perfect for running errands, attending sporting events, or enjoying a staycation.

We have tested and approved the travel gear we have listed.  You’ll find a gift from our list below to make the moms in your life stress-free and organized when going away or staying home.



BluBandoo Is a fantastic company that produces cooling headwear and accessories.

If you can imagine style, fashion, coolness, and excellent quality. You’re thinking of Blubandoo.

Their headwear and accessories contain very fast-acting polymer cooling crystals that quickly form into a cooling gel. Submerge into room temperature water for about five minutes, and a cool-solid-flexible band forms to keep you feeling comfortable for hours. Wear it around your neck, where you will feel the effects of having this cool band around your neck for hours. It comes in an array of colors and patterns. And, the same cooling crystals are in headbands, caps, visors, hats and caps.  And, you can wash it and reuse it – over and over!

Check them out at www.blubandoo.com

IMG_9159I reviewed the safari hatbandoo ($31.95) and neckbandoo ($10.95)
Coordinating and stylish!

Order it now!

Lug Backpack


Lug has a backpack called the Puddle Jumper.  If the name doesn’t grab you, the style, design and durable material sure will. This bag is the sister bag to their gym bag of the same name.  In 2006 LugLife’s gym bag was chosen as one of Oprah’s favorites.  And the backpack has the same features – except it is a backpack.

You will find hidden within the bag magnetic pockets and a clear view envelope. The backpack also features a protected, wipeable bottom so that you can safely rest your bag on the ground without worrying about wear and tear.

Here are the reasons we loved it when we reviewed it!

Very lightweight
Magnetic pockets for cell phone
Two cargo pockets on either side
Interior pockets and zip pocket
Super padded adjustable straps and a grab handle too
It is perfect for travel, work or school
And, if Oprah loved it… we know it’s a good one!


Fit everything you need for an overnight trip, a day at school or running errands.  We reviewed the camo print bag which sells for $119.

For more information and to see their other products, visit their website.

Order it now!

Be Relax


You may have seen them or heard of them located in airports around the globe. They offer relaxation with massages, pedicure/ manicures, facials and much more while waiting for your flight departure.  Their clubs are located conveniently in airports clubs.

But even if you are not flying you can use their products at home, on a road trip or in your hotel.  They are available for purchase online.

My favorite is their Anti-Fatigue sleep mask. Perfect to help you arrive at your destination more relaxed and your eyes less puffy. The unique cooling pads help fade away fatigue and headaches. After a nap, you will be refreshed and radiant, ready for what is next on your schedule.

We especially like the extra long design which ensures you can black out all light for a totally relaxing experience. And, it has an adjustable band to hold it in place around your nose for extra relaxation.  And, it packs nicely into a small carry case.

Visit their website for more instructions on how to buy their products. www.berelax.com





Calling all hikers and anyone who likes a walk around the neighborhood.  Sockwell makes outdoor hiking socks made to energize your outdoor adventure with firm support and stabilization. The socks help stabilize the plantar and Achilles tendon, and they help minimize inflammation. Now that’s a big added plus.

Other features we loved when we reviewed the socks is how they minimize fatigue, enhanced moisture, manages odor control and they help prevent blisters.

The socks are part of their summit series made with custom yarns of homegrown merino wool blended with alpaca.

Visit their website for various styles and compressions,  priced around $15- $19.
IMG_3235A favorite review, the socks had us upside down with joy.

Order the great socks now!



Have you ever wanted a GPS for your luggage? LugLoc, the luggage locator, works with a cell phone app to track your suitcase in real time. You are updated all the time you and your bag are traveling.

It works with GPS, Bluetooth, and wifi. And with a long-lasting battery, you can keep track for hours and hours.

The first month is free, six months is $9.99 and one year is $19.99 – when you purchase a new LugLoc

We are sure you’ll want to travel this way. You can renew the service plan as you go and use when needed


Get one now for mom!



Make packing less complicated and unpacking more organized with Luglife’s cargo 5-piece packing kit.  The packing cubes come in an assortment of colors, and each case is a different color. The various sizes and colors allow for organizing what’s in each cube and who it belongs too.  You can pack the kids clothing in blue and mom’s clothing in orange. And, the mesh panels allow for air flow and clothing to stay fresh. No need to rummage through your bag to find things, organize everything in a separate cube, unpack or keep them in your suitcase.


Visit their website for more information www.luglife.com

Order now and help mom organize the luggage.

Lojel Luggage


Just the luggage you have been waiting for!  Stylish, strong, very functional and in a choice of colors.
Lojel Luggage has a new suitcase called the Novigo it stands up to constant use, regardless of the mode of travel – by plane, train, car or boat.  The luggage is made of the highest polycarbonate which is lightweight but sturdy. The feature which makes it a long-lasting bag is the single piece construction of the trolly.  And, for security, there is the two point locking system, and easy of movement with the dual wheels systems makes it easier on your wrist and back. But what we loved most when reviewing this suitcase is the braking system.  It is conveniently located near the wheels and operated by your foot to lock or unlock with ease.  When traveling there is no worry about your bag rolling away – it stays in place.  This high-quality luggage includes a toiletry bag, shoe bag, and case cover.
We reviewed the 21.5 inch.  There are larger options.



Visit their website for price and more information.  www.lojel.us

This is the perfect bag for mom.  Order it now!



How about a lightweight travel blanket that works on the plane, train or automobile. … and you can take it along on cruises too. It is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.  You can use it at home too on a cold evening.

It is very compact when folded and easily stows away in your carry-on. Take it along to Fall football games or long flights. And, I love this about it – It comes in various colors and costs $9.99 – $15.oo

For more information visit their website www.cloudz.com

Order this travel-easy blanket for mom.  She will find many reasons to use it.



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