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Sports travel!  Yes, it’s actually travel. Heading out to see your favorite team play is travel.  You’re making flight or driving plans, booking a hotel and finding a good meal; all to support your sports team. But, how about when you stay home for local teams?  You can make that a fun outing too.  Our special guest Dan Schlossberg shares his love for the Braves and will inspire you to say “take me out to the ballpark!” Why travel when you can have a staycation and see the Braves. Our special guest Dan Schlossberg, will share is latest book and talk Braves!

Dan signing in San DiegoDan Schlossberg, is a  former Associated Press newsman, and is the author of 38 baseball books, including The 300 Club: Have We Seen the Last of Baseball’s 300-Game Winners and Designated Hebrew: the Ron Blomberg Story. He hosts Thursday night podcasts on baseball and travel and is a frequent after-dinner speaker.

And, he knows about traveling for sports too.  Dan is travel editor for New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine, host of Travel Tuesdays on Hartford AM stations WLIS WMRD, and host and executive producer of the weekly Travel Itch Radio. And, he founded the North American Travel Journalists Association. Ok.. he knows travel.

We will discuss his latest book too!


Listen to in for all the info for a sports filled getaway or staycation.  We’ve got you covered.

This Saturday, June 17th from 3-4pm

You’ll find us on this link – on The Voice of  The Arts 

Join us to hear all the details!





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