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Beautiful sunset on the island of Barbados

There are many reasons to travel and a tremendous amount of things to do when you arrive.  Travel Bags With Annita wants you to always travel with a purpose.  And, the more we adopt this attitude, the more reasons we find to not only choose a destination, but also new ways to explore the city, meet the people and find hidden gems along the least travel roads.

Art is one way to explore the people, places, and culture of each destination and along the way, you can meet the artists and those who are enthusiasts about all forms of art and culture.

On a recent visit to Barbados, I was there with a purpose!  To explore and learn about the art scene, meeting artists, visiting galleries, talking with collectors and spending time with other “lovers of the arts” from the U.S.  It was fantastic!  And, now I’m sharing it with you.

You’ll meet contemporary artist Sheena Rose, who art speaks to you in bold statements but with a message pulls you in. And, I’ll share my conversation with board member Steve Sallion board member of MoCADA Museum in Brooklyn, NY.

Sheena Rose – Contemporary Caribbean Artist from Barbados


Steve Sallion, board member of the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) in Brooklyn, NY


Listen this Saturday, September 23 from 1-2pm
www.1690wmlb.com and click the listen-live button

You can also listen  on WCFO 1160.  Click this link:  www.newstalk1160.com

Join us to hear all the details!

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