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Destination: Sapelo Purple Ribbon Sugarcane – December 23, 2017



The story of Purple Ribbon Sugarcane starts over 150 years ago on Sapelo Island on the coast of Georgia.  The island was the location of a sugar mill, where the cane was grown, and sugar was milled and shipped around the U.S.  For generations only small amounts of variations of the original sugarcane raised in family gardens would survive.

Three years ago Georgia Coastal Gourmet Farms in partnership with Clemson Universty, worked together to bring back this heritage crop and return it to Sapelo Island.

This show is all about the process of having a dream, planting a crop, tending and caring for it, harvesting it, processing it into cane syrup and now in the hands of James Beard award-winning chefs.

      1. Purple Ribbon Sugar Cane 1 12-23-17

The history of sugarcane on Sapelo Island

      2. Purple Ribbon Sugar Cane 2 12-23-17

A legacy of farming and growing sugarcane

      3. Purple Ribbon Sugar Cane 3 12-23-17

The process of growing, harvesting and processing Purple Ribbon Sugarcane

      4. Purple Ribbon Sugar Cane 4 12-23-17

What’s next after bottling?


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