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Track your bag with LugLoc


Track your bag from check-in to baggage claim with LugLoc.

Have you ever wanted a GPS for your luggage? LugLoc, the luggage locator, works with a cell App to track your suitcase from check-in to arrival. Be updated all the time!  Lugloc keeps your luggage alive and active and you aware of where your bag is in real time.  It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for business, bringing along the family or if you want to keep up with a very valuable item; with geo-tracking, you stay aware of where your bag is located.

How does it work?
Geo-tracking works at virtually any airport in the world.  Together with the free mobile App, LugLoc works with GPS, Bluetooth, and wifi.  And with a long-lasting battery – you can keep track for hours and hours.

With a couple of easy steps you are on your way to a worry-free trip, at least your luggage will have you feeling relaxed.

How do I get started?

Once you purchase it,  you are ready to get started tracking.

1.  Charge it
Place it in the off mode and charge for 24 hours using the enclosed USB cable and power brick.

2.  There’s an app for that
Download the LugLoc App from the website www.lugloc.com

3.  Set up your account
Register your device with a password and email

4.  Link your LugLoc
You will enter your LugLoc’s unique 8 digit number found on the back of your device

5.  Service Plan
Choose a service plan and remember your first month is free!

6.  Start tracking
Play around with it a bit to feel comfortable and you’re ready to start tracking.

7.  Turn it off and keep it charged
You’ll love the confidence LugLoc provides and you will not need to be reminded to keep it charged.  But, as you get started, here’s a little reminder:  turn it off after your trip and charge it so you’re ready for the next trip.

8.  You’re on your way to care-free travel.

9.  Buy one today! Click the link below.


Relax, you know where your bag is!


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