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Millennial Travel Trends – The How, What and Why


Listen to the show from Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018

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Nichole and Olivia answer questions about the Millennial trends

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Read the article below for more insights.

Love of travel is universal. Trips to destinations like Paris, New York City and Tokyo are on the bucket lists of people of all ages. But our priorities when traveling can vastly differ, often depending on our generation. Millennials, in particular, are spending more of their money on travel and they are finding ways to not only afford multiple trips a year but also how to make the most of the opportunities available when they arrive.

Dr. Jill Novak, the author of The Six Living Generations in America,   breaks down generations in twenty-year periods. Baby Boomers were mostly born between 1946 and 1964; Generation Xers were born between 1965 and 1984 and Millennials were born as late as 2004. The next classified generation is Generation Z, which overlaps with Millennials born 1996 or after. The Center for Generational Kinetics explains that generations can vary based on geography and current events. For instance, many consider a defining event of the Millennial generation to be the September 11, 2001, attacks and a defining event for Baby Boomers is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Many things such as parenting, politics, major life events and the geography of where you were raised, all influence your view of the world.


Not only do major events define generations, the Center for Generational Kinetics also highlights that parenting, technology, and economics influence generations and the decisions they make. While earlier generations may prioritize relaxation and luxury when they travel, millennials are looking for authentic travel experiences. According to the website Nsight for Travel, millennials want to be fully immersed in local culture. Due to their connection to technology and social media, they are constantly on the lookout for different events, adventures, and other opportunities to add to their travel and daily life. Nsight for Travel also states that although older generations still spend more money overall, Millennials are allocating more of their funds towards travel rather than buying a home, raising a family or other more traditional expenses or material items.


Having limited funds does not stop millennials from traveling. For many, with only a backpack they are off to see the world.


It’s not always easy to find the best travel deals, but millennials are willing to pool their resources to save where they can and get more creative. One way millennials take an alternate route to add more travel into their lives is in their career choices. Sarah Clark from the Huffington Post writes that millennials will seek jobs that require travel or even the opportunity to live in a new, faraway place. They are willing to take a pay cut to travel more. And even though this type of travel is focused on business, they squeeze in adventure wherever they can by arriving a day early.

Another way millennials save while traveling is through staying in hostels. Clark notes that hostels have become so popular that many have added private rooms, bathrooms and other amenities one might find at a traditional hotel. Conversely, the hotel industry is introducing accommodations geared towards millennials. We can see even more of a millennial influence in the rise of music festivals and other significant events that promise the authentic experience millennials travelers often look for and enjoy.

Many hotels around the world are starting to include electronics as amenities. At the Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong, guests receive a mobile phone for their use during their stay along with an adapter to stay charged.

The connection to technology and the need for an immersive travel experience go hand in hand. In some ways, social media posts are the new travel souvenirs. Millennials like to share their experiences on their social media accounts, and it’s easy to understand why pictures of exotic foods, breathtaking scenery or exciting performances routinely gain large amounts of likes, views, and comments. Group tours with prepared itineraries are popular among millennials not only because they guarantee an action-packed travel experience but they also give travelers the chance to connect with like-minded people and plenty of photo opportunities.

With the rise of millennial travelers, the travel industry as a whole is adapting to fit their interests and needs: immersive experiences, creative ways to save and a chance to connect with new people. As technology continues to change and younger generations branch out in the world, we can expect an even more interconnected world and hopefully more attainable travel dreams.




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