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This Is The Road Trip Season!!!

Road Trip

    Everywhere you turn Road Trip is what you hear. Everyone is planning one for a solo trip or a trip with the family. For either one, the best laid plans will see you through the whole trip.  No mishaps or problems on the road, that’s a no-no.  Smooth …

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Thank you Gifts For Shelter-In-Place Kindness

Thank you gift

Governments are lifting the shelter-in-place mandates around the world. While we are feeling a sense of relief, we can not soon forget our collective experience of living through a pandemic. In our communities during the shelter-in-place and social distancing, we have seen the human spirit of service and assistance to …

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How To Plan A Staycation

How To Plan A Staycation   Now is the time to bunker down and make home your getaway. Reports of how the pandemic CoVid-19 virus is rapidly spreading means limiting travel to essential needs, both domestic and international. The whole family can feel the disappointment of postponing a vacation everyone …

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Five Ways To Plan Your Vacation

Five Ways To Plan Your Vacation   Here are five ways to plan your vacation using great resources. January feels like a slow month for most of us. We’re getting back into the routines of our lives and wanting to keep any New Year’s resolutions going strong.  It’s also a …

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