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Destination: COVID-19 and Travel – Know Before You Go with Dr. Roback


COVID-19 Testing

Are you ready to take a trip, close by or across the country?  Most of us will answer yes to this question.  But, before we go, there are things we need to know to ensure we stay healthy while traveling.

I asked Dr, John Roback from Emory university to come on board and answer some questions about testing.  From the test to detect COVID-19 to antibodies, and what they know about antibodies and their protection from the disease.  

Dr. Roback is a professor and executive Vice Chair for clinical operations in the Department of Pathology and laboratory medicine in the Emory University School of Medicine. He is also the medical director for Emory medical laboratories.

He is very deeply involved with developing testing methods for SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19.  His research investigations have been generously supported and recognized by National & governmental agencies.  

We will talk about the latest updates and on going research of testing methods and a vaccine.  For those CSI fans, he starts our conversation by sharing how his area of clinical pathology, is different than other areas of Pathology.

Come onboard with us and take a seat….and listen to my conversation with Dr. Roback.


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