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Destination: Appalachia Culture – the traditions, history and footways of the mountains – Oct. 10, 2020

Appalachia Culture

Appalachia culture

Appalachia Culture! Come along as we gather ’round to hear two experts share Appalachian traditions, values, music and food.  It’s all about those Southern States and their vibrant culture. The European legacy is not the only influence to Southern life in the mountains; there are hints of influence from around the world, with Africa and Europe providing the greatest influences. There are African Americans who have developed their own cultural norms and ways of living in the Appalachian Mountains. Their experiences are part of the whole story with Native American culture as the foundation.

Appalachian culture

Nancy Diggs, author and Appalachian researcher, shares her experience traveling the region and meeting music greats too.  For her book “In Search of Appalachia” she not only learns about the culture, but finds her own roots and family ties.  Her connection to the culture is felt throughout her book.  You’ll enjoy hearing her talk about her experiences researching the area and finding her inner Appalachia! The connection is a true find for her.



Appalachian culture

Doc Bill’s love for food sent him in search of native Georgia plants and animals in the SE area of Georgia along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  He discovers the influences of the Cherokee and their footways and writes a book about the abundance of great food items in the region. His book,  Northeast Georgia Cuisine – A gourmet food guide to the Southern Appalachian Mountains shares it all.  His knowledge of the world’s food maps show how many beloved Southern flavors found their way to the Appalachian Mountains. The recipes in his cookbook were inspired by the people he met and the friendships he formed during his research in the area.


You will want to plan a road trip to the mountains after this show.  Take a seat as we travel along the Appalachian trail, finding jewels of info along the way.

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