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Destination: Finding Gilbert – A Promise Fulfilled – November 7, 2020

Finding Gilbert – A Promise Fulfilled

An Endearing Story
Across The Years And Miles

When I met Diane Covington-Carter we sat across the table from each other enjoying lunch and talking about the convention we were attending.  We shared all the small talk that people share when they first meet at a business conference.  Name, what you do, where you’re from; all the information that gives you a start for a deeper conversation.  As soon as she spoke about the journey of her father and his time in Normandy during World War II, I leaned in to hear more. His story of kindness and compassion for a young orphan boy, who was shy but also curious as the American servicemen moved into his home area was very intriguing to me.  Diane said, “I’ve written a book about it” and that’s where my interest was piqued to read the book and learn more about her promise of fulfilling her father’s dream of  finding Gilbert after he returned home.

I knew I had to share this story with you too.  It is so endearing, heartwarming and a true story of never giving up hope.  Your family legacy can have so many beautiful connections and loving stories that continue to be told year after year.

Diane Covington-Carter is an award winning journalist.  She graduated from UCLA, cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in French.  Diane has done commentaries for National Public Radio and won the Society for Professional Journalists Award of Honorable Mention for her series on the 60th anniversary of D-Day, June 2004.

Her recent book, “Finding Gilbert, A Promise Fulfilled,” (2018) won a Gold Award from the Society of American Travel Writers Western Chapter, May 2019.  She teaches Creative Writing internationally and is a Writing Coach and Professional Editor for a few select clients.

Covington-Carter lives on an apple farm in Northern California, when she is not off having great travel adventures with her husband.

Gather ’round and listen to the lively conversation with Annita and Diane.  And, you’ll want to take note of the website for  a visit to Normandy and Omaha Beach where Diane’s father met and became friends with Gilbert.

Take a seat as we travel through the years with Diane, Gilbert and her father.

Visit Diane’s website –
Tips for visiting Normandy –
Recent photo with 4 generations of the French Family, Cathy, Gilbert and Huguette’s daughter, standing, Marion and Benoit, Cathy’s son and partner,
Lya, age 3, Huguette, Gilbert’s widow, sitting next to Diane Covington-Carter
and Tim, age 9 and Frakas, the dog


Cliffs on Omaha beach near Vierville-sur-Mer (Normandy, France) on a summer morning

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  1. I love the book and the story of the kindness given to a youngster in a war zone. I had read Diane’s essay in the L A Times and bought a copy of the Book for me to read and also bought a copy for a friend of mine in San Antonio, Texas for her to read. She loved the book also! Diane is a very talented writer and a caring person!

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