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Destination: How to plan a staycation – March 14, 2020

How To Plan A Staycation

How to plan a staycation is a frequently asked question because of self-isolation and school closings. Travel has come to a complete halt during the time of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in order to limit the spread of the virus. Unless you have a very essential reason to hit the road. It is hard to believe the photos of empty airports and airplanes filled with empty seats instead of filled with passengers. Yet, the truth is travel by plane, trains, automobiles, and boats has pretty much come to a complete stop.

No-travel is not the only reason we might look for a way to have a staycation or find things to do at home with the family. The CDC has instructed us to isolate at home, and children are home from school; so what do we do with our time?

Annita, along with Bill Wilson, Travel Bags With Annita & Friends producer, shared ideas to make staying home a family affair that keeps everyone in good spirits. During the show they share a list of their favorite movies. ย They also talked spa days, games, and more to make your time at home less mundane.

Take a listen and feel free to add your ideas too.

For more information from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) visit their website –


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