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Destination: Planning Getaways, Great Destinations and I Travel Because – February 1, 2020

Planning Getaways to
Timeless Destinations

Planning getaways can feel overwhelming. Where to go, what to do, and where to stay are all questions we ask when planning a getaway. Having great resources helps answer those questions and get us on the way to a memorable vacation. 

On our show, we shared a list of five resources. Click the link here to get started organizing and arranging all the details of your next trip. 

Delta Vacations is your one-stop-shop for planning your next dream getaway. On the show in segment two, we share the itinerary of their trips to Paris and London, two iconic destinations on everyone’s list. However, there are many suggestions of experiences for you to explore on their website. 

Our “I travel because” series has become a favorite. With the travel stories, we learn why they love to travel, tips about places to go and things to do, and see. 

Planning GetawaysOn our show, we asked Adrienne Johnson to share her travel story from her first trip to the extraordinary work she is doing in West Africa with the Wo Ye Bra project. It is a program she operates with her husband Joe through their nonprofit organization Infinity Global Empowerment. 

For more information about the Wo Ye Bra project or to inquire about ways to contribute contact Adrienne at [email protected] or 404-769-3457

The I travel because series is a partnership with Travel Bags With Annita and Allianz Travel Insurance.  For more information about travel insurance and protecting your vacation investment, visit their website

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