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Destination: Staying Healthy When Traveling and I Travel Because – Jan. 18. 2020

Staying Healthy When Traveling and I Travel Because


Staying healthy when traveling

During this time of the year staying healthy when traveling can be difficult.  With all of the crowds and packed areas there are germs all around.  Staying healthy is not only about keeping the viruses away, but also taking time to prepare for upcoming vacations, getting enough rest and staying stress-free. It’s not hard to do and especially when you follow our 20 tips for having fun on vacation and not needing to tackle an illness.

Our number one tip is keeping hands clean and off your face.  We touch so many hard surfaces when traveling. There are places where others have touched and left germs. It can be railings in the airport, the ticket counter at your tour company or the door knobs at your hotel. There are hard surfaces all around.

Our tips will also inspire you to get a good night’s sleep before starting a road trip. Sleepy and road-weary drivers make the highways unsafe for everyone. Get enough rest to make the full trip you have planned.  If you feel you may become tired, plan to stay over night in one of the cities along your journey. It’s always better to take a break even if it makes the trip longer.

Tips for saying healthy when travelingLater in our show we are back with our I Travel Because series, a partnership with Travel Bags with Annita and Allianz Travel Insurance.  In segments 2, 3 and 4 we asked the questions and our well-traveled guest Steven Filby provided the answers.  Have you ever thought about finishing the statement “I travel because ___?”  We are fascinated with the answers and conversations which come from the stories shared by our guests.  We go all the way back to childhood asking what are your first travel memories?  Traveling solo is a very popular way to have an adventure these days.  Have you thought of traveling solo?  It’s a very good option for many reasons and we love to hear everyone’s take on what makes it a good or bad idea for them.

Here is the show.

Travel Bags With Annita produced the “I travel because” series in partnership with Allianz Travel Insurance.  For more information on the best plan to cover your reasons for travel, visit their website:

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