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Destination: The St. Louis Gateway Arch and Blues History – February 29, 2020

The Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is an iconic U.S. landmark. It’s the symbol of American migration West and also the city of St. Louis is considered the center of Ragtime music, which heavily influenced the blues. On our show, we explored both of these intriguing stories that makes St. Louis a top destination for music and history.

We were interested in more information about the reasons St. Louis was selected to be the city for commemorating the American Westward journey. The Gateway arch is very strategically placed in a spot to capture and highlight the history of both the city and the westward migration.

If you have ever wanted to know more details about the people who built the monument, we talk with two men who were in their early twenties, working on the construction of the arch. Carroll Allison and Ted “Lefty” Imbierowicz share stories of what it was like to work on such an iconic structure.

We wanted to gather as much history about St. Louis and how it became the center of transportation and commerce moving West. We asked Bob Moore, National Park Service Gateway Arch historian, to share the history and behind-the-scenes stories of this beloved city.


Take a listen to our show and hear the fascinating stories of the great city of St. Louis and the magnificent Gateway Arch.

Gateway Arch
Standing under the arch is an awe-inspiring experience. You can feel the size and scope of the structure.


Gateway arch
Take a ride to the top for a spectacular view of the city


Gateway arch
The view from the top!


Gateway Arch
View from the top!


Gateway arch
Inside the Gateway Arch. Our guest Carroll may have drilled one of the bolts you can see in the photo.


Gateway arch
An up close view of the bolts inside the arch.
Gateway arch
The Gateway Arch museum shares the story of building the arch.


Gateway arch
St. Louis is also known for music. And, Swing music calls St. Louis home.
Gateway Arch
A visit to the National Blues Museum should be top of your list. Learn about the music, artists and how St. Louis became a central location for this iconic music.
Gateway arch
Learn about how The Blues continues to impact music today.

Gateway arch

For more information on visiting the Gateway Arch visit their website –

For more information about the Blues Museum visit their website –

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