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Discount Travel – How to find it!

Say the words – Discount Travel  – How to find it!  Everyone wants to save a few dollars when traveling.  But, what if you could find deals and discounts that help you stay within budget and save enough money for another trip. Now, that’s something to talk about.  We did just that, we had a conversation with author, freelance journalist and blogger Leslie Royal.  Her blog Leslie’s Lane is packed each month with deals, free stuff, job opportunities and much, much more.  She is known as the deal finder among her friends and family.

Discount Travel - How to find it
Author Leslie Royal knows Discount Travel & How to find it

Leslie knows how to find the resources to help us save money and take the family on the road. She’s been a journalist for 20 years, writing for publications like Essence,, Upscale and Black Enterprise.

We piled on the questions and she had answers.  We wanted to know everything from how to get started searching for deals to how we can sniff out a scam.  She told us!

We’re sharing her interview.  Take a listen:

      1. 1-21-17 2 Leslie Royal

For more information visit her blog Leslie’s Lane Blog: Jobs, FREE Stuff, Discounts, Resources & More!

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