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Travel During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The message is the same all over the world, travel based on necessity  only. However, what happens when you are required by work or personal circumstances to visit another city far away from your home?   There are so many questions we are receiving during this time.  Our vacation and work travel schedules have been disrupted causing uncertainty of our next steps.  Should we cancel or reschedule?  What’s the difference?  If you must travel how do you protect yourself onboard your flight, or during your stay at your accommodations, either hotel or vacation rental.  What questions should you ask regarding the hotel’s cleaning and sanitizing  procedures?

There are so many questions we have regarding travel and on our next show we bring answers to questions asked by the listeners of Travel Bags With Annita.

Join us on Saturday, March 28th to hear answers to some of the questions most of us have.  And, if you have questions we did not answer, visit our FaceBook page, Travel Bags With Annita, and leave us a message.

Come onboard!  Saturday from 1-2pm EST.

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