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Thank you Gifts For Shelter-In-Place Kindness

Thank you gifts

Governments are lifting the shelter-in-place mandates around the world. While we are feeling a sense of relief, we can not soon forget our collective experience of living through a pandemic. In our communities during the shelter-in-place and social distancing, we have seen the human spirit of service and assistance to others shine bright. We witnessed our healthcare workers on the front line give it their all and more, US Postal workers who brought letters and cards from family safely to our homes, just when we needed a hello. The teens who stock and restock grocery shelves to ensure we have the food we need or a kind neighbor who checked in or called so you did not feel the isolation of “just me!” There are many examples of kind gestures during our shelter-in-place, and now is the perfect time to say thank you. 

A unique yet useful Shelter-In-Place Thank You gift is top of our list. As I’m making my list, I think of how our mandates to shelter-in-place have created many reasons to depend on others to make life feel more engaged. What about for you? During the quarantine, did someone step up to uniquely support you? Maybe a family member, neighbor, friend, essential personal or healthcare worker made a difference in your life while you were home concerned about what’s next; they were there for you. They made the anxiety, the concern, the feeling of loneliness or isolation easier to bear. Or, maybe there is a graduate who needs a little something special to help them feel their dreams can still come true. Now is the time to say, “thank you for making a difference in my life when I needed it.” A thoughtful gift can go a long way in showing love and appreciation.  

Our Shelter-In-Place gift list features items perfect while home sheltering in place and organizing ourtime at home, and as each state lifts their mandates, the group of gifts offers items for traveling, ready to get you on the road again.  

Take a look at our list. I’m sure you’ll find a gift that will express the sentiment you want to share. 

Fuse Reel

Fuse Reel has come to the rescue of homes filled with electronic cords scattered around the floor. Each of their products organizes various types of cables. From earphones to power cords in a house filled with a family wanting to connect, everyone will appreciate floors not covered in wires.  

Fuse Reel For MacBook Pro Charger SideWinder
From $19.99

Thank you gifts


It’s super portable and takes 6 seconds to wind in the palm of your hand.

Pull the cord to unwind the amount of cable you need while working at your desk or surfing the web on the sofa. When it’s time to wrap up the day, wind your cord, and it’s ready for the next day.  

* The Charger Side Winder does not include the charger 

Fuse Reel’s Snap Back Charger Winder
Compatible with Apple 18W or 5W USB-C iPhone 11 pro
iPad Pro chargers

Thank you gifts

To all iPhone owners, here’s a way to keep track of your charging cord. Is someone in your life one of the essential workers? The perfect way to know which wire is yours and keep it safe and clean is to organize it, keep it in your purse or pocket until you need it and return it there without messy tangles.  

Fuse Reel The Side Kick Collapsible Charger

Thank you gifts

You can wind-up a tangled cord with the Side Kick Collapsible charger. Moms will love the convenience of attaching the sidekick to any charger and wrapping an out of control cord in one spot. Mom can place their charging cord in their bag, safe and secure from many hands wanting to hold it. 

Fuse Reel Side Winder Max Charging Cable Organizer

Thank you gifts

YAY Novelty Bags
Thank you gifts

YAY Novelty says banish to single-use plastic bags. This bag is excellent for the environment, yet also ready for helping you know which hands have been on your grocery bags. With one less thing to concern herself with sanitizing, the Yay Novelty reusable bags can go where needed and safely carry items home.  

The various patterns, colors, and prints offer the exact choice to match anyone’s style.  

The jumbo YaY bag is an ideal size for anyone juggling different tasks. It holds up to 55 pounds.  


Walter + Ray
The BendyMan

Thank you gifts

Thank you gifts

Finding your very own spot for a little “me” time is probably not the easiest thing to do with all of the shelter-in-place. If you’re like many people, your special spot may be without much light for reading or searching the internet. Walter + Ray has created the Bendy Man and now Bendy Women, who will place lighting exactly where you need it. As the names state, they are bendy, flexible, and adjustable. There are so many uses and places to illuminate. It’s a booklight, a flashlight, a nightstand light, a light to search deep in your bag. It’s bendy, so you will find so many ways to give Bendy Man or Woman a real workout. Choose a favorite color to light your way. You’ll hear many requests, “may I use your Bendy Man!” 

Oh, it’s 100% Vegan too.  


Walter + Ray
The Trolley Partner
Thank you gifts

Here’s the secret to knowing where your phone is at all times, and never wearing your coffee! The Trolley Partner is a convenient add-a-pocket holder with Velcros to attach it around the handle of your rolling bag. Simply unfold, fasten it securely and slip your coffee, phone, and more into the three pockets. And it’s 100% Vegan.


Walter + Ray
The Sippit Reusable Straw

There are those among us who will not use an unwrapped straw, and this was before Coronavirus. They have known the importance of cleanliness when it comes to straws.  

Here’s the perfect solution. The Sippit reusable drinking straw breaks down into three parts and fits in a storage tube with a cleaning brush. Use it with hot or cold beverages. The straw is made from wheat composites.  This is one everyone will love. Load up on one for everyone in the family.  

Oh, another high point – Walter + Ray is a proud member of 1% For the Planet, and your purchase helps support eco non-profits. 



Pang Wangle
Essential Wrap
Insect shield bug repellent

Can you think of someone who wants things that are beautiful and practical? The gift that they’ll love each season is the Pang Wangle, a luxurious wrap with a powerful little secret. It has an insect shield and bug repellent. The assorted colors and soft texture says beauty and functional protection during summer and winter months say practical.  

They can put away the bug spray and say bye-bye to mosquitos. Wrap-up in yummy soft texture, draped across their shoulders, waist or cover their head, neck, and face too.  

It is made of recycled cotton and high-performance TENCEL, from renewable eucalyptus trees. Order more than one; that’s one for yourself too.  


Disposable Seat Cover


We don’t know what’s more timely than a disposable airplane seat cover designed to provide a barrier between you, and well, we don’t know what. That’s what makes this such a great gift item. Germs, bacteria, and virus particles can be on your seat. Freshlight’s seat covers help keep you and your clothing fresh and clean while traveling. 

Opt for the package containing one disposable FreshFlight Airplane seat cover and one antimicrobial wipe to disinfect your armrests, seatbelt, window area (if seated by the window) tray table. You’ll want to order a couple for multiple trips.  


Fashionable Shoe Bag

Thank you gifts

How often have you thought, “I don’t know what’s on the bottom of my shoes!” And, in today’s climate of concern about cleanliness, a place for shoes is more important than ever. The shoe bag includes a divider inside to prevent scuffing and separate bottoms of shoes from touching tops.


E Marie
Travel Shawl and Blanket

Here’s a gift for those who love to cozy up on the sofa for a marathon of movies. This lightweight blanket can also double as a shawl. Reading a book or loading up on Netflix, ease into an evening with comfort and style during the shelter-in-place mandate and be ready to take it along when you are traveling again. It’s versatile, and it is on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019 list. Oh yes! Surely you know someone who would love it!


Go Travel

Thank you gifts

Compact and light, perfect for rain or shine. We may not go far from home these days, but staying dry on rainy days is still the goal. And, umbrellas have always been the solution on sunny days to keep the sun rays away. So compact you can keep it in your car, and it’s small enough to take on the road when you’re ready to go. Show your neighbor a little love with this gift.  


World’s Best Cozy Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket

There is something you can never have too many of, and a soft, cozy microfleece blanket is a go-to item during our marathon movie nights. Gather around the TV, bring along the popcorn and snuggle under the microfleece blanket. And, when travel returns, you’ll have your blanket to take on board the flight. No need to worry about who used it before you; take it from your carry-on, and you are ready to go. What a great way to say thank you. 


True Dark
Daylights Transition Aviator Sunglasses

Thank you gifts

Extra time in front of the TV, computer, phones, and tablets is on the rise. We are home and connecting online with family and friends; that’s more time in front of a computer with blue light exposure. True Dark Daylight Transition sunglasses darken and lighten as the outdoor light changes and blocks 99% of UVA / UVB. They protect our eyes indoors and outdoors and blocks artificial blue, which will help us relax as the day turns to night.  Help a friend get ready to wrap up the day.


True Dark
Twilights Sunset Aviator

Thank you gifts

Multitasking has become a common everyday occurrence during our shelter-in-place. We have become barbers, cooks, seamstress, and where do we go for instructions to get it all done – online. We’re spending more and more time exposing our eyes to harsh artificial blue light.  

TrueDark® red-to-amber gradient lenses protect your eyes from junk light after the sun goes down. Style and function with a darker tint on top to protect against harsh junk light and distance glare. They are lighter on the bottom to help you perform tasks. They are ideal for  winding down your routine after a long day. They are perfect for a friend who loves watching television or reading on their tablet. 


Lite Gear
Kompressor Poncho

Thank you gifts

We’re doing double duty, so should our gear. The Compressor poncho keeps you dry during an afternoon rain shower and is perfect for covering a park bench or any public seating area. The poncho works perfectly to cover you when heading out and about. Take it off and stow it away until you’re heading out again. Lightweight, waterproof, breathable, and you have an option of colors to make it a unique gift for someone who has enriched your life.  


Spectra Spray
$55.95 –  Three packet
$37.95  – Two-pack
$19.95 – Single

Thank you gifts

Today we are looking for ways to stay healthy and safe away from viruses, germs, and bacteria. Spectra Spray has a selection of compact and effective sprays easy to carry and ready to apply. Their assortment of sprays includes hand & surface sanitizers, sprays for sleep, stress, to boost your immune system and  B12 sprays.  Purchase one or a variety of two or three. Everyone will want one, so purchase enough to go around.  


La Chatelaine

Luxury Soaps and Lotions
Soap Sets – $68
Hand Cream Set of three – $28
Hand Cream Set of twelve – $80

Thank you gifts

Everyone can use a little extra-special self-care these days. The luxury hand creams by La Chatelaine, all the way from the South of France, deliver just that. This elegant tin contains 12 – 1 oz. tubes of luxurious hand creams blended with 20% organic shea butter, vitamin E, and Argan oil to deeply moisturize and repair dry skin. Oh, and this lovely gift was on Oprah’s Favorite Things list 2018. A refreshing way to say thank you!

Here’s a list of the various scents.

  • Lemon Verbena or Citrus Fizz
  • Gardenia or Winter Flower
  • Pear
  • Coconut Milk
  • Shea
  • Sweet Almond
  • Rose Acacia or Rose Blossom
  • Orange Blossom or Cinnamon Orange
  • Lavender or Pomegranate Mulberry
  • Passion Fruit
  • Lychee Bilberry
  • Wild Fig

Thank you gifts

You can’t go wrong pairing the luxury hand creams with La Chatelaine’s luxury vegetable-based soap collection made in Provence using time-honored craftsmanship and ethically-sourced natural and organic ingredients. Your skin will feel not only cleansed but soft and moisturized too. The soaps enriched with a Argan oil, Vitamin E, Organic Shea Butter, are formatted without BHT, Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Soy, or GMOs. Here’s a gift you can give without worry about skin irritations . The six hand-wrapped 7 oz. luxury soaps come in a limited-edition elegant embossed tin. Oh yes, they were on Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2019.


Carry Dri
Soap Case
Thank you gifts

With the Carry-Dri case, you take your soap along with you and have the confidence you need to keep your hands and body clean and free of any virus, germs, and bacteria. No leaking or drying out. Seal it, protect it, and keep it clean and ready for the next time you’ll use it. And, while staying in accommodations away from home, keep your soap in the Carry-Dri, so you know it remains sanitized. 


Penny’s Flame Scented Candles
7oz $25
14oz $36

Would you like to lift the spirits and refresh the home of someone special. Penny’s Flame scented candles give you a choice of different scents to add ambiance to house and home. Penny created them as a way to make her home a place of serenity.
When you’re ready to make someone’s day contact Penny to order candles. [email protected]


The Dep Slepwear
Hooded and Mask Sleepwear

Here’s an item that gives you five things to make your comfortable.  Keeps you cool with fabric that controls your body temp. A hood to create your cocoon and protects you from the surfaces you are sitting and laying on. A built-in mask blocks out light for a good night’s sleep, a comfortable way to rest away from home. 

Wear it out, and when you return home, it’s easy to take it off, wash, and be ready for your next outing.  

Do you know someone who has to be extra careful to avoid COVID-19? You can make someone’s day with this one.  


Riki Skinny Lighted Mirror

Listed on Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2019, the Riki Skinny Lighted Mirror is versatile and perfect for makeup routines or to light a video session. If it is on Oprah’s Favorite Things list, you know  it has been tried and received a seal of approval. This portable, lightweight LED vanity and streaming device has Bluetooth capabilities and five lighting options. A magnetic phone holder allows you to chat, teach, dance, or hang out on social media without worrying about holding your phone.  


Riki Colorful

There is someone you know who would love a compact case for cosmetic storage and a lighted mirror for their make up. The magnetic tray stores your personalized makeup palette securely, and the swivel lighted mirror makes organizing everything in one place a breeze. Say bye-bye to bulky makeup bags and hello to on-the-go makeup.  


16″ Vertical Underseat Carry-on

Do you know someone who has to do essential travel? Keep unknown hands away from luggage. No need to worry about limiting your luggage exposure when traveling; you will handle it throughout your journey. The Aleon Carry-on Case is the perfect size to meet various airlines regulations, allowing you to breeze onboard with your bag and no one touching it, but you.  

What’s perfect about the 16 include vertical case is the flexibility of having it function as a briefcase using the removable business insert with pockets for your phone, tablet, and document files. Or easily unsnap it and you have a suitcase. Even as a briefcase, there is room for a change of clothes for an overnight trip. 

The aluminum case has reinforced corners, TSA lock, swivel wheels, and solid frame; precisely what you need to protect what’s inside and maintain its stylish finish. Get ready for your bag to be the star of the show with all the compliments you will receive. 

While you’re checking out the vertical case, take a look at their other cases; everything from traditional carry-on cases, trunks, traditional suitcases, and equipment carriers. There are many available choices for your travel needs. This one-stop spot can make someone very happy. 

Other cases offered by Aleon.


Lulu Dharma
Woven Vegan Napa Tote

Thank you gifts

Mama wants a brand new bag, and this one has room for hauling things in style. The handwoven bag is soft, buttery, and fashionable. The thoughtful way to say thank you to someone who has shown love and support during the shelter in place mandates. Select her favorite color from seven lush colors. Perfect for spring, summer, fall or winter. And, it is large enough to place everything she wants to keep clean and safe. It is on Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2019!  

*Tip – Keep an eye out for sales. I’ve seen the bag on sale for $39.


Sea Bags Maine
Various prices


Help a 2020 graduate celebrate their success with a unique gift from Sea Bags. Their bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories with designs to highlight many aspects of life. There are many to choose from. Send congratulations to a grad, thank you to a healthcare worker and “I appreciate you” to a neighbor. 


Tiki Tunes
Light and speaker



Thank you gifts

Bring out the tunes for those family gatherings at a campsite or by the pool. The Tiki Tunes Light is a portable 5-watts speaker with 6 hours of playtime. 

The Tiki Tunes portable light and speaker has syncing capabilities up to 30 feet, and the atmospheric light provides the perfect ambiance for outdoor evenings. 

Johnny Was
Johnny Was Silk Scarves
$49 – $99

Someone is ready for a gift, not only beautiful but with a sense of romance. Floral patterns and lovely prints decorate the Johnny Was silk scarves. To say thank you with one of the scarves would make someone’s day and show that there is beauty in these times.

You will want to purchase more than one. Maybe one for yourself too.  


23 And M3
Ancestry  & Traits
$99 or $199

As families gather either in person or virtually, now is an excellent time to explore your heritage. A kit from 23 and Me can help a friend fill the family tree and gather information about their health. We have the time now for self-exploration and family adventure via 23 and Me.  


Benji Lock
TSA Fingerprint Padlock


As we venture back out while adhering to the CDC guidelines, here’s a padlock to secure your belongings. For work or activities where you need to protect your things from prying hands, the lock stores up to five fingerprints for multiple users and unlocks with your fingerprint or a pint code. And, if you’re flying with it, the lock is a TSA-accepted Travel Sentry Approved padlock. A graduate, hiker or outdoor advocate, would love this for their backpack.   


Travelon Bags
Anti-Theft Classic Waist Pack

The lifting of mandates means we can get back out and enjoy outdoor activities. When we are ready to venture out, we must do so with the CDC guidelines to social distance and wear a mask. Hikes, adventures to the park, and other outdoor activities are allowed, but staying hydrated and safely taking along a few personal items is easy with The Travelon Anti-theft Classic Waist pack. A spot for a water bottle and personal things, too. Now that’s a gift for your outdoor friend. They’ll thank you for this one!


Travelon Bags
Anti-Theft Boho Water Bottle Tote

Sometimes all you need are the essentials, and the Travelon Anti-Theft Boho Water Bottle Tote is an easy-to-use accessory for the avid hiker, runner, and outdoor enthusiast. Travel light and keep it moving – the bag will be what your outdoor friends will love.  


Travelon Bags
Anti-Theft Tailored Backpack

Thank you gifts

Style, function, and security. It’s all in the Anti-Theft Tailored Backpack. Choose a color to match your family or friend’s style, and the five-point anti-theft security system will keep everything safe and secure. The roomy main compartment holds all the things you want to bring along, and several pockets keep pens, phones, and keys organized. Bonus points – you can fit your tablet or iPad inside too.  

This gift has yes written all over it for the graduate. 

Laptop Stand

Thank you gifts

Zoom, Zoom! These days it seems everyone is connecting on Zoom, and putting your best face forward achieves your goal of virtually being there. The A-Stand stabilizes and provides a base for your computer. No worries about it staying in-place with no-slip rubber feet and adjustable holding bars. A perfect gift for someone working from home who needs to present a professional front during meetings. Graduates and students will find it helpful for studying and homeschooling. 


Sleeper Scarf
Scarf, pillow and Eye Shade

Thank you gifts

A cozy ride via train, plane, or automobile is just what the traveler ordered. The Sleeper Scarf is part pillow, blanket, and wrap all in one. Choose your  favorite color from cranberry, army green, gray, white, blush, taupe, or black. Someone will find this to be the best gift they have received for all their future adventures.  


Littleton Coin
Coin Collection Booklets

Thank you gifts


Coin collecting is a great past time and excellent activity for homeschooling. Littleton Coins has a selection of booklets for the novice or experienced collector. Also, coins are a fun way to learn about the exciting new America’s National Parks quarter series of 2010-2021 with Littleton’s exclusive full-color folder. The new series celebrates national parks and historic sites in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the 5 U.S. territories.

For any friends or family looking for a creative way to learn and entertain, here’s your ticket to families living and learning together.  


Madd Capp Games
Wild Life Puzzles

Thank you gifts


Puzzles, the all-time family and game time activity! Give this one as a gift, and you’ll challenge them to find the pieces and to learn more about animals. Visit their website and select a favorite animal. Madd Capp Games has something to shift the family from movies to puzzles. Challenging, inspiring, and filled with interesting facts. Here’s a fun fact from the lion puzzle: Did you know you can hear a lion’s roar up to five miles away.

Ok! Movies or puzzles – let’s admit, it’s time for a change.    


Kotes By Kobe
Vests for Dogs and Owners
Various prices depending on size for both

Thank you giftsThank you gifts

How about a little something for the pet lovers? Matching coats make a statement of puppy love.  

Match your vest with your pup’s jacket. Just what your family or friends would like to go twinning with their fur baby. The outer shell is made from waterproof material, and jackets are stuffed with a unique blend of dog fur and sheep wool. A lovely way to say thank you to the pet lovers in your life.  


Livermore Valley Wine Country
Calling all wine lovers.  Here’s a list of six great wines to make someone say, cheers to kindness and hope! Choose one or two or three from the Livermore Valley Wineries.

Cuda Ridge Wines
2017 Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon


This  wine with new world style, is an award winning Cabernet Sauvignon aged for 20 months in mostly American Oak. It is fresh and vibrant with delicious blueberry, cherry and coconut.


Nella Terra Tasting Notes
2016 Estate Pinot Noir


Thank you gifts

Aged in neutral oak for 18 months and two weeks of skin maceration makes this wine delicious.  This Pinot Noir has balanced acidity with ripe red fruit aromas of cranberry and red currant with a peppery dark fruit finish.


Wood Family Vineyards
2017 El Loco Rojo


This wine not only has a fresh spicy clove and savory quality, it also is a beautiful burgundy color, like a garnet gemstone.  One taste and you’ll immediately have the sense of  “yum!”  Here’s a way to make a very special gratitude statement.

Small Lot Brut Sparkling Wine

A classic!! This brut sparkling wine has flavors of pear and dried apricot with hints of creme brûlée and apple. Crisp and refreshing. Do you have any friends or family who love sparkling wine?  If the answer is yes, here’s your gift.  We’ve sorted it out for you.

Darcie Kent Vineyards
2015 Clone 337 Cabernet Sauvignon


This is a bold wine…. it is balanced with black currant aroma, opulent spice and fruit flavors, and a firm, moderately tannic texture. With mild oak accents of nutmeg and vanilla this wine is elegant and sophisticated.  Here’s the gift that will impress.


Retzlaff Vineyards
Cabernet 2015



Start with a beautiful garnet color, add a full bodied mixed berry finish and you have a moderate tannin wine.  There are hints of oak with cherry, vanilla, black licorice and raspberry preserves.  Give this as a gift for someone to savor each glass with cheese or even a gourmet burger.

Here’s your list. Choose something special to say thank you with sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Stay safe and spread kindness.

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