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Top Reasons To Go Shopping With Your Best Friend

Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend

Top Reasons To Go Shopping With Your Best Friend

Each day I mark off another date on the calendar and I’m one day closer to my Oprah Magazine, Holland America Girlfriends Cruise.  The days are going fast and now it’s time to sort out what to take along for all the fabulous activities scheduled onboard.  Sailing the beautiful blue ocean from Ft. Lauderdale on Holland America’s newest ship, the Nieuw Statendam is going to be an exciting experience. Oprah will be onboard to christen the ship, along with her best friend Gayle King.  How cool is that!  I will be fashionable and in style wearing Talbots Spring 2019 collection which is a partnership between Talbots and O Magazine. This co-branded collection will benefit Dress for Success.  I’m so excited to see this collection and model a selection of styles in the “Love That” fashion show, directed by Adam Glassman.


Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
Talbots Phipps Plaza, Assistant Store Manager Kathy Lenthart shares a pair of shorts which will be perfect for my upcoming cruise.


Talbots wants to showcase all the classy fashions available online and at their store locations. They have offered a gift card for me to go shopping.  Of course shopping for a girlfriends cruise, I must take along my girlfriends.  And, they are going on the cruise with me.  Time to make it a shop ’til you drop best friends shopping outing.  I know they’ll have my best interest in mind.  There are so many reasons I love shopping with my besties-.  Here are a couple of them below.


Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
Your best friend can add to the fun of shopping and offer options about what’s the perfect match for you.


– Best friends who shop together – stay together.  It is a true quality time together event.

– Need advice?  Your bestie is there to help you select the right color & style.

– She knows what you like and how you like to look in different situations – for dinner, gala night, dancing; she knows your style.

– Your best friend makes you feel good about yourself, especially when you’re feeling low and not so good.

– She will cut off all the negative comments you make about yourself.  The “I think I look fat in this!” type comments –   She won’t have any of that.

– She will be truthful about what’s a good fit and what isn’t


Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
Try something new. A different color to your wardrobe maybe the prefect addition.


– She can encourage you to try something new, but won’t let you get it if it looks ridiculous.

– Her feedback can be brutally honest and a moment later she knows how to hold back constructive criticism and lift your spirits.

– A good girlfriend will stop you from making any mistakes with your purchases.  And, won’t let you feel dumb for thinking it was a good choice.

– She will let you take your time going back and forth about something that is not a good idea, but knows exactly when to put the brakes on too much over analyzing the situation.

– She’s your partner in crime when it comes to mocking the ugly and ridiculous and your “yes girl” when it comes to the really cool, over the top expensive things you want but can’t have

– You’re cool changing in front of her and she doesn’t think anything about it either.


Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
Decisions, decisions. This is where your girlfriend’s advice is so helpful.


– She will encourage you to take your time trying on various styles and will be happy to join in to make it a real girls party, trying on everything you like, posing, joking and having fun.  Think of those sleep overs when you were 16 years old  and all the fun trying on each other’s clothes laughing late into the night.

– She’s ready to join you at a moments notice to make sure you get what you need for your upcoming trip.

– Your bestie will take all the dressing room photos from the best angle, with the best lighting to make an awesome Instagram post.

– And, she’s right by your side ready to take fun selfies, making fun memories of your day of shopping.


Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
Take a lunch break for a chance to chat and share a laugh or two with your besties.


– What goes best with shopping with your bestie….. lunch with your bestie.

– Next up… a trip to the cosmetics counter for a make-over.

– While shopping might be the main reason you pulled this outing together, being with your bestie is what makes it the best day ever!

And, sharing the great buys you purchased at Talbots – spread the love!

Shop Talbots too.


Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
Assistant Store Manager Kathy Lenthart provides excellent customer service. Along with her assistant Kendra Gunter.




Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
Made it home with so many great buys from my Talbots shopping with my girlfriends.


Top Reasons to Go Shopping With Your Best Friend
My favorite purchase was a paisley scarf which will go with so many things. I can’t wait to wear it.



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